Carefully planting of plants and trees is vital to achieving the look and style you want

for your garden and borders.  You can either choose and purchase the plants yourself

or leave it entirely up to us. We will plant them out appropriately and in their most

desired location to get the best out of them.


Colour and visual interest can be provided by plants in many ways by foliage, flower,

berry or bark. Colour can be matched or contrasted and plants can be placed so as

to give red borders, yellow borders, blue borders etc.


Bare-root plant material can be bought fairly cheaply but can only be planted during

the late Autumn, Winter or early Spring.  



 Whether you require heavy renovation pruning of a large overgrown hedge or a simple

routine prune of your roses, we have the knowledge and expertise, as well as a wide

range of pruning tools required to perform the job properly.


Routine pruning is beneficial for plants; to improve their health, vigour, performance

 and shape or to restrict their size. Pruning without purpose does more harm than good

so it is important to know how, when and why to prune. 


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