LAWN CARE & TURFING                                      


Whether you are looking to install a new lawn in your

garden or to improve the appearance of an existing

lawn, we can help.  We will assess each job and decide

upon the best course of action for you.


If you want instant results, laying new turf will give you a lush, healthy looking lawn as soon as the installation is

completed. We always make the necessary preparations, e.g. weeding, rotavating, levelling etc.first.  Then we will

arrange for the supply of top quality turf and lay your new lawn for you to enjoy. After the job is done we will also

give you some advice and tips on how to best look after your lawn in the few weeks following installation. Turf can

be laid all year round, although we avoid frosty times and harsh sun. In the hotter weather extra care and attention

needs to be taken to ensure the grass flourishes.


Sowing seed or 'overseeding' is a recognised essential part of annual lawn maintenance which will help fill

damaged or thinned areas,improve lawn colour and reduce weed and moss invasion. We can also sow seed to

repair any bare patches you may have in your lawn.


Scarifying is a process which removes thatch (old grass stems, moss and other debris) from your lawn and is

best performed in autumn where there is time for the grass to respond before the soil temperatures fall and growth

terminates for the season.  After scarifying, grass seed is used to help fill the bare patches left from the removal of

moss to create a thick, lush lawn.


Aerating (spiking)

Aerating allows better movement of air and water in the root zone.  A well-aerated lawn will manage better in

periods of drought and heavy rainfall.  


Top dressing

Top-dressing is the application of loam, sand and well-rotted organic matter to a lawn in order to correct surface 

irregularities and improve the texture of difficult soils. This encourages greater rooting and thickening of turf.



It is important that certain lawn care services are carried out at particular times throughout the year to be most

effective. ADB Garden Care can provide the appropriate lawn care at the correct times to revitalise your lawn.

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